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Nylo-Tec Sheet Metal Screw #10 x 3 SMS (100 - Pack)

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NYLO-TEC (SMS) Sheet Metal Screws #10 x 3 with Glass Reinforced Nylon Bi-Hexagonal Head !

NYLO-TEC Sheet Metal Screws with Glass Reinforced Nylon Bi-Hexagonal Head provide strength and stability under the harshest conditions.

100 Count Package NYLO-TEC Sheet Metal Screws with a Colored Glass-Reinforced Nylon Bi-Hexagonal Head.

NYLO-TEC Sheet Metal Screw is a unique Nylon headed fastener that is a rugged, industrial screw. The specially designed head eliminates the unsightly corrosion that appears on other standard steel fasteners. The head is made to withstand the harsh environment and weather that an outdoor screw is exposed to. A perfect direct replacement for original installed fasteners on your screen enclosures, roll down shutters, sign installations and more. Use it for fastening items to metal, wood or composites.

  • Glass Reinforced Nylon Bi-Hexagonal Head never corrode.
  • Strong underlying carbon steel integrated fastener for maximum performance.
  • Fastener will withstand many years in harsh conditions compared to standard steel screws.
  • Every NYLO-TEC utilizes the same size head, no tool swapping necessary.
  • Unique bi-hexagonal drive affords security and aesthetic benefits.
  • Color molded throughout head with UV stabilization for years of performance, UV stabilized color resists fading.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Head will not twist off during installation.
  • Common project applications: roofing, HVAC, steel stud framing, gutters, and register vents.
  • Developed for Harsh Environments.
  • Provides long-term strength and durability.

 NYLO-TEC Sheet Metal Screws extends the life of the structure in all environments, especially in coastal regions.

Available in white and bronze colors

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