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6" K Style Gutter End Cap

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  • $ 399

6" K Style Gutter End Cap !

End Cap, also known as "Crimp On End Cap", is the fitting that attaches to and closes off the end of the gutter (left and right sides) and helps prevent water from escaping. End Cap is the contractor standard and is the easiest and fastest to install on to the gutter; it requires the use of a hand tool called "end cap crimper" (not included).

  • Helps prevent water from escaping from the end of the gutter.
  • Use at the end of 6" K style aluminum gutter run.
  • Requires gutter sealant (not included).
  • Aluminum construction.
  • Tap on to fit.

Sold in pair (1 Left / 1 Right end caps) or each (to check side of gutter before place an order).

Available Colors: 30⁰ White / 80⁰ White / Eggshell / Royal Brown / Bronze

This installation does not require any fasteners

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