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Window & Siding SBR-100 Caulk, 10.2 fl oz Cartridge

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  • $ 415

SBR100 Window & Siding Caulk !

  • For General Purpose Exterior Repairs
  • Won't Collect Dust or Dirt
  • Quick Skinning
  • Long-Lasting Finish
  • 10 fl oz (295 ml)
    • White (IDH 827695)
    • Bronze (IDH 827697)
      Clean Up
      • Mineral Spirits

      Recommended For

      SBR 100 is ideal for use in all "low rise" residential construction including remodeling and remedial work where aesthetic appearance is desired and minimal joint movement is expected.  Primary used for caulking around windows, doors and siding to keep out unwanted air infiltration and weather while maintaining the energy efficiency of the home.  Can also be used in areas where the need for a general purpose caulk may arise, such as repairing leaky downspouts and gutters.  Considered the first and only true original one-grade all-season caulking compound used by professionals for over 25 years.

      For Best Results

      Not recommended for the following applications:  exterior use on "high rise" construction or commercial buildings exceeding 3 stories in height; use as an expansion joint control sealant; sealing around bath tub or shower enclosures; bonding polystyrene foams and polypropylene or polyethylene plastics; continuous water immersion; use as a traffic bearing sealant:  use in log homes or inside occupied structures; on redwood, cedar and PVC (vinyls); use on joints deeper than 3/8" (9.5mm) without the use of a backing materials;  use on areas where exposure to food may occur (food storage units). 


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